Friday, June 8, 2012

The Maybe-Amy-House visit summary.

Gorgeous neighborhood, nice wide ramp the front door, beautiful back porch and yard.  

Older house, kinda crowded, residents share rooms, hard to drive around in.  

Staff is devoted and has been there over ten years. "Q" (case-worker-ish) has been there three years, is fun and warm, and talks to the residents as peers, not patronizing or commanding.  Residents are diverse and AMAZING.  If Amy moved in, there would be THREE power wheelchair plus a push chair.  HUGE turtle top wheelchair van.  Focused on building independence.  Obvious respect for clients as people.  

Initial worries:
  • Amy can't do a standing transfer, will she able to live here?  Yes, not a problem.
  • Amy may need extra help in the morning, and there is currently only one AM staff member.  Response: we'll assign more staff if needed.
  • Amy would be sharing a room.  WHO CARES?  The people and potential for independence is AMAZING.
  • The house is kind of hard to drive around in.  See above.  
Also, they already have wifi, so that would be one birthday present worry off our plate.  Extra bonus!

The big thing: the person who currently lives there needs to be accepted in her house first before we can move forward.  This should all work out, but you never know.  Fingers crossed for Amy, everybody.  She needs this.  


Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for you honey. I so want this for Amy, and for you and Walker. Hugs to you all. Deirdre

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