Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sittin pretty.

My legs are covered in orange paint.  Repainting our retro patio furniture a bright flaming orange.  Hopefully this fall we'll be making ourselves some modern adirondack chairs like the Sawyer at CB2.

Yesterday at the Restore, a major score!  A funky retro laz-e-boy recliner for the new house!  A recliner with feet that pop out is a must have for our girl Amy, but god those overstuffed ones are an eye sore.   Her currently lives in our garage and only comes inside when she does.  This will give her comfy visits and is soft on our eyes.  It's no retro Milo Baughman, but it was also a 1/20 of what that chair would cost. Some day I'll find of of those for a song, but this is pretty flippin awesome.

I'll be sanding and attaching the arms and legs.  The upholstry is tighter than it looks in the second picture.


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