Monday, June 11, 2012

This really happened.

Please provide respectful and sufficient care to my sister, chapter 865:
Hi, [Q],
I've got Amy on the phone with me here, and she wantsme to relay some problems to you.
Tonight, Sunday, Amy came home after a day with her family at 3:20 and was told she had to wait to use the restroom.  She wasn't toileted until after dinner, at which time time she was showered and put in bed... she was not sure on the time, but it was before definitely seven pm based on her call to me from bed at 7:04 pm. 
The other night she was also put to bed really early because one staff was leaving earlier than usual, and the the still staff are under the impression that they need to have two people to use the hoyer (possibly because it is the crank one instead of the electric one they prefer twoo people, but still, only one person necessary).   
Amy asks that you let staff know that she should not be asked to wait more than 15 minutes to use the restroom, and that only one person is needed to use the hoyer and shower her.   Amy should not be put to bed early for staff convenience.  
Three hours, she waited, to go to the restroom from the time she asked.  Because she was not able to go when she the opportunity at noon, this means that she used the restroom TWICE on Sunday.  I dare you to try this, or even three times.  


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