Tuesday, June 12, 2012


For Amy.  Don't tell!  It's a surprise!

I can't help myself, and this is something I will need to work on before we have kids.

The rationalization:
  • Got it for song on craigslist.
  • Yep, Amy is getting a computer for her birthday, which is an awesome and huge gift, BUT we don't want to send it home to her current house and dick around with the shenanigans there if it looks like she moving (keep on rootin for it, nothing in stone yet), and we need more time to get it ready for her, so she'll get this, too, and it will take the sting out of not taking the computer home yet.
  • Amy HAS to learn to use SIRI.  One day, her Iphone 3s (with old school voice control) will break in a way that can't be fixed, and sooner or later, 3s's will be hard to come by.  So, while she still has the 3s to use as her main phone, we want to set her up with a 4 with only a handful of numbers in it so she can practice and try to learn SIRI without accidently calling and texting everyone under the sun.
  • If she can't do it, Walker gets it!
Walker totally eggs me on, btw.  There is so much stuff we can't change, or is very very sloooow to change, and damn it is fun changing the things we can.

Speaking of things slow to change, in response to yesterdays email complaining that Amy had to wait three hours to use the toilet and that she was put to bed at 7 pm, staff told Amy she was a liar because "that's when we shower you.  that's your shower time" which DOES NOT MAKE SENSE as an excuse, and also doesn't make Amy a liar.

I can't write here what I told Amy about all that, but if you know me in person, you know that it was "vibrant".  


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