Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Times, Bad Times

So, due to a "staff shortage", Amy was left in her bed past noon on Sunday while she listened to life go on in the house around her.  Let me just say that this is flippin ridiculous and makes me want to start swinging fists.  There were two staff members, until one went home instead of getting Amy up.  Regardless, it only takes one person to get her up, that is a patient lift (also called a Hoyer) is for.  Dad called 1000 people till she was finally gotten out of bed, then he emailed the person in charge that they needed to have a conversation about what had happened, and of course has received no response.

Her house really doesn't see this stuff as that big of deal.  To them it was just one day where they screwed up staffing, and that we with our big mouths and high expectations are making the problem -- not them.  They don't understand how this and the 100's of other inadequate care situations that have arisen in the have created an environment where Amy is constantly anxious and insecure about her care.

Mad props to middle-sis Annie and her rad boyfriend for hoping in the car, driving an hour to Amy and taking her to cuddle kittens.

Anyway, let's talk Amy birthday!  Amy requested swimming and pizza for her birthday.

Amy lives an hour from the rest of our fam, so either we pick her up as we drive in, or family drives an hour to pick her up and an hour to bring her back to aunt and uncles house.  The driving adds up.  It cuts in to fun time, and it cuts in to goodwill.  So, we got a room at a hotel about 20 minutes from her house in order to cut out the extra driving, and plus they had a pool! 

Annie got in early to decorate the room!  Even Zoe was there!  Amy changed her food order to Italian beef and carrot cake THE NIGHT BEFOE, and Aunt Jane made it happen!  We snacked and yucked it up.  We swam till we were pruned, and much to our delight, the hotel had a pool lift!).  We had dinner and cake, and open presents.  Below, Amy opening her computer and screaming her face off.

This is such a half-assed write up that does the day no justice.  It was a great birthday.  Favorite foods, her little dog, her aunt and uncle, swimming, laughing her face off, and a slumber party with her sisters.


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