Sunday, July 8, 2012

Homeward Bound!

As always, the Northwest was great.  More photos and stuff (food and food and food) to come.  Most of the way home.  Decided at the last minute to crash at Auntie-Mom's late last night instead of heading straight home so we could see our girl today.  Lounging in backyard getting some work done (WORKING ON A SUNDAY; I AM A GROWNUP) before heading on to visit our girl and then head home.

I'm so behind on updates, and I must share Amy's face when she got her computer!

Still waiting on the maybe-Amy-house.  Nothing new at Amy current house (same old crap), but I'm ignoring it for now because so help me god, we are getting out of there soon and I can't keep spinning by wheels on that bullshit.  I'm doing my best to keep her spirits high, but I'm done dealing with those people for anything but clear cut abuse.  We instead are investing heavily in having a good life ready to go the moment she is out of that house -- computer, bike, room at our house.

Most important: tomorrow at 3 pm big stuff happens!


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