Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess who hasn't be standing?

A piece of velcro was lost.  Weeks ago.  A piece of velcro needed on Amy's AFO's (foot braces).  

A PIECE OF VELCRO stands between Amy and her only opportunity for exercise (yes, standing is her stander is exercise).  

I told Amy there is not way it's lost, they just need to look for it, it must be in her room (where they put her braces on and take them off) or her backpack (where they sometimes are), that something doesn't just disappear, and she says "No, Al, it's been gone a long time. Weeks."  Why didn't you tell me sooner when maybe it could have found?  "I don't know.  Psssffff.  That was stupid I guess.  Can you get me new velcro?

This is a new fun interpersonal issue -- Amy not making simple moves to improve her own life, putting it off, finally telling me about it, and then expecting me to do it chop chop.  Most stuff she can't do for herself, but asking someone to swap out a seat cushion (off another wheelchair of hers)?  That does not require my help, but whatever.  Or, she refuses to follow on an email I send.  She was doing awesome at if for a while.  

Ok, I'll get the velco.  "When?"

This led to a frustrated Allison with clenched teeth, and this seems like a minor thing, but it just all adds up.  If she lived down her, I'd just pick her up after work tomorrow, take her to the craft store and get some velco, then have dinner with her.  Instead I can either drive three hours, ask them to take her to whoever it would be that fixes AFO's (that would take forever), or my solution below.  I LOVE YOU, IPHONE.  

Hi, Q
I talked to the wheelchair folks today re cushion, and they also told me that Amy's wheelchair repair (the one that supposed to happen on the 12th at the workshop but they didn't show) was on the schedule for Monday.  I didn't get any additional info, but they said they've been in contact with you.  I'm emailing anyway, just in case.

Amy's new Roho is being mailed to the house -- thankfully it was still under warranty.  I'll need the box it comes in and the papers inside in order to send the old cushion back.  Could you ask the staff to put the cushion in the box and put it her closet?
Another thing -- the velcro is missing off of one of her foot braces, apparently for several weeks.  It needs to be replaced.  It's probably easier and faster if I replace it than have a braces-maker do it (whoever that would be).  If you send me a picture of the same piece of velcro on the other brace, tell me the length  and describe it to me (one-sided or two?  soft side or hook side?  both?), I'll try to replace it myself.  You could use Amy's iphone to take and text me the photos.
Thanks, Q.
Q responded the next day.  She'll try to catch Amy tonight before Amy goes to the dance.  Thank you, Q!

God, this is the most boring blog ever.  Sorry folks.  


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