Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ongoing defeat.

I've been really lax on posting the goings-on at Amy's house.  Partly because I've given up (not on her -- on that house) and partly because it is exhausting to visit the insanity an additional time.  Of course, I'm regretting it now, because the blog gives me a great timeline of events.

BTW, Amy still doesn't have her glasses.  

I think I just have to order her a pair from Warby Parker.  They'll be like 120 bucks?  Maybe more because of her crazy lenses.  But where does it stop?  120 bucks isn't nothing, but it won't kills us, but it's a 120 bucks we can't spend on her in some other way, and it's permission for them to neglect her and be assured we'll clean it up.  DAMMIT.

Ug.  Amy seat cushion is broken again, and she can't wait a month for it, so I'm handling it.  
Hi, Q,,
Amy's Roho seat cushion isn't holding air.  I've contacted the wheelchair folks who told me the cushion is under warranty and to contact Roho directly.  I'll call Amy after work to let her know I need the serial number on a white tag on cushion (she'll have to be out of the chair), and I'm sure she and staff can get me that.  Then Roho will send a replacement cushion and need to have this one dropped in the mail (hopefully they'll provide a shipping label and this will be super easy).  

I told Amy to ask staff to swap her roho with the cushion in her push chair, and assured her she could handle it, but I don't know if she did this.  If you are around, could you ask her about it?  Also, the pushchair cushion sometimes gets put on backwards and she ends up sitting on the raised bump that is supposed to be between her legs.  Could you check on that, too?  Since Amy can't see it, she often doesn't realize why she's uncomfortable, only that she's uncomfortable.  

Thanks, Q.  Much appreciated.  

She wrote back and said "yes I will go over today to do it myself" and then didn't, and day delay isn't a big deal, but it's not going to be a day delay.   

Also, still waiting on neurologist, dermatologist, orthopedist appointments -- one year now, and on physical therapy to start using the motomed -- nine months now.

State says no neglect here.  Awesome.


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