Tuesday, September 25, 2012


An email from an organization that works with individuals with developmental disabilities:


The committee met yesterday and reviewed Amy’s packet.  Although we feel that we could meet her needs regarding her cognitive disability This Org is unable to meet her physical needs resulting from her CP diagnosis.  I am not sure if you have tried other CILA agencies but I would suggest that you contact Another Org, Some Other Org, and Yet Another Org.  If you are in need of other referrals please let me know and I can send you an extensive list.

Thank you for inquiring about This Org.  I wish you and your sister luck.


The world at large AND the developmental disability community both reject her.  So, where does Amy fit in?  Lots of CILAs and workshops/day centers turn her away because of her physical disability.  She can only participate in the most mundane of activities at through Special Recreation.  

This is exhausting.  


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