Monday, November 12, 2012

Change of course.

Not to get too excited (I'm already too excited), but Amy's new "Q" is AMAZING.

She is RIPPING IT UP at the agency.  Taking name, writing people up.  People WILL BE THERE for their whole shift.  Clients WILL come first.  The ladies will have plans and leave the house EVERY WEEKEND.  Amy WILL get a shower EVERY NIGHT.  Amy WILL go to the doctor.    Amy WILL get rotated at night.

There was Meany-Cold, then New-Q -- I think sometimes also referred to as Nice-But-Ineffective or something like that.  This new one, I think she deserves an awesome name, more awesome than just Awesome-Q.

Told Awesome-Q about some shenanery on Saturday (first wild phone call from Amy in a long time -- mad props to Amy for the infrequency and also for reigning it in).  She will handle that.  That will not happen again she says.  Also, she says, please email Residential-Director and copy me.  We are having a meeting this week, she says, to talk about this house.  If people don't want to serve the clients, they can leave, she says.

The email:
Hi, Residential Director,Just wanted to let you know of a happening on Saturday night.  Amy called me 8:07 pm to let me know that she was not getting a shower because a staff member needed to leave and there was only going to be one person on duty.  Prior to this, staff had been decorating for a party, though it seems like they could have been showering Amy during that time.  I trust this will be handled -- that the appropriate number of people will be on duty to provide care, and that staff will understand client care is priority one.
Thanks, Residential Director.
BTW -- key point in this email.  Amy called at 8:07 to say he wasn't getting a shower because there would only going to be one staff on duty.  Two staff are on duty till 9 pm every day, so... some folks are in trouble.


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