Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Amy called me last night and asked me to look up her polling place.  We went over it about 50 times till she definitely had it memorized.  I'm proud of her.  That is the first step.

I've been on her since last week to make sure she's being taken to vote.  She told anyone who could listen at work yesterday with no response, which worried me.  I mean, it's her right to vote, so I should assume her agency will facilitate it so they don't screw themselves, but her rights don't get her much over there.

I told her when you wake up, start telling people I WANT TO VOTE and asking WHEN AM I BEING TAKEN TO GO VOTE?  WHO IS TAKING ME TO VOTE?

Just to be sure, I called and left a message at her agency and sent an email.  I talked to someone just a bit ago.  They are voting after work.  Hooray!

Regardless of the election outcome, I feel like we've won.


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