Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tree Hunting

After a rough morning, we got our buns out of house to go get ourselves a Christmas tree.  It was soooo war in town.  It was not so warm at the tree farm.

We saw a beautiful display of tall and perfect fir trees on the way in.  We wanted one like that!  We trekked on and on, sure that the tall trees were just a little further.

We found lots of good trees, but they were six to seven feet tall, tops.  Come on!  It's our first Christmas in our house, and we have nine food ceilings.  By god, we are getting a nine foot tree.   I announced I wanted to buy one of the already cut trees up front.  At some point in our negotiations, a lady mid tree cut-down popped her head up -- "There are precut trees?"  Hell, yes.

They tell us they can't grow trees that tall at this farm -- everyone cuts them down a six feet, so they grow the tall ones elsewhere.  Ohhhkay.

So, we trekked around in the cold and caked Amy's wheelchair in mud... only to buy a pre-cut tree.  Whatever!  Annie did the same thing, and that made me totally ok with it.

So, we had it netted, and since we were in a hurry, we folded down a seat and wedged it next to Amy in the van.


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