Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I was standing in the upstairs bathroom combing my hair post-shower, thinking about a new school I'll be implementing at and listening to my husband in the living room on a conference with call with India, and HOLY CRAP, we are grownups, and I feel happy about it.

Amy is came to town this weekend.   To visit a potential new house.  DOWN HERE.

I am so flipping excited.  About this prospect, and about life and the future. 

I'm ready to start getting rid of things -- of mine, of my great grandparents, of my grandparents, of my moms, of my step-brothers.  I realized the other day that I lost three generations in 25 years.  That's a lot.  It's totally normal I'd want to hold on to stuff, but after six months in boxes after the move to the new house, and I open boxes, they are filled with just crap.  We have pushed on and are moving forward into the next part of our lives.  It's exciting, though on a bad day, I find it terribly sad that I am pushing on so successfully, and a little part of my heart is always breaking to think that at any given moment, if I and my sisters are doing ok, there is no one out there incapacitated with grief that my mom is gone. 


_AnnieAnne_ said...

So happy to read this post. Grown up me is still getting pictures of Zoe and Santa this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, please don't feel that it is the required duty of a daughter to be sure that someone is "incapacitated with grief". Kim would never have wanted that!! Perish the thought! She wanted you to be HAPPY. You know, "Allison HAPPY". Doing the HAPPY dance for every reason under the sun. I love Walker's beard HAPPY. Options keep opening for Amy HAPPY. HAPPY Christmas Allison! Love, Deeb

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