Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Response to Yesterday

This stuff might now seem like a big deal, but please remember, Amy CAN'T MOVE.  It's not like in a movie where a person who can't walk drags their non-working legs behind them as they crawl for help.   She can't sit up, she can't roll herself over, she can't crawl, or lift her head to clear her mouth of vomit if she was vomiting. She can't reach over and pick up her phone.  The only reason she was able to reach me is that her iphone was on her chest (I LOVE YOU, SIRI).  If she'd dropped her to phone to where she couldn't push the one button, she would have had no way to get help.  

Once Amy is out of her chair, she is helpless.  

What happened yesterday what frustrating, inappropriate (this person is her employee essentially), but also terrifying because what if she had be vomiting? Feeling like she was going to have a seizure?  Fallen out of bed?  No one came to help her when she called.  

Response from Community Living Director:
"At this time , I am unsure what happened, I will follow up with the staff that worked last night,However when I called [Hell House] this morning, I experienced the same situation, the phone ringing and no answer on several calls.
When I finally spoke with [long time staff member], she looked at the phone and found the ringer off and turned it back on.  [Long time staff member] will purchase another monitor so that staff can hear Amy when she is in her room. Hopefully this will correct the situation."

Uhhhh, ok.  The ringer was not off.  I suspect that someone turned the ringer off after they failed Amy so they'd have an excuse.  Of course, they ready think I'm a crazy MF-er, and suggesting this wouldn't help.  My response:

"Amy wasn't going to bed yet -- just in bed -- so it's possible her monitor wasn't turned on.  In the past I've been told it's only on at night so Amy has privacy to talk on the phone, which is important.  The last time I saw Amy's room, her monitor looked not to be in use at all.
Is it possible to get her a pager button that she could wear around her neck that sounds a bell?  This is the setup a friend has.  It allows her privacy while still being able to call for help.  We could put velcro on the back so it could be stuck to the wall when she's sleeping.   Something like this: would need to have sensitive button.  
Amy could here the phone ringing at one point, so I don't think the ringer was off, I just think the person was on the phone.  Is there call waiting on the phone?  "

A good question from a friend -- can I sue Amy's house for negligence?  I don't know, but I do know that we've reported them to the state for things way worse than this, and the state clears them every time.  


Monica said...

This is maddening for me to read, I can't even imagine how you feel dealing with all of it. Hugs to you all!

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