Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Urgent: Amy in room, can't get help

"Hi, [Community Living Director],
Amy has been calling for help from bed so she can go to sleep (it's 10 pm) -- her light is on, her head is up.  The door to her room is open.  She has been shouting for help, and she called the house phone twice with no answer.  She can hear the house phone ringing but no one is answering it.  
Is there another way to get ahold of the house to alert them that Amy needs help right now?  Is there definitely someone at the house right now?
What if she was vomiting and needed help?"

Ten minutes later:

"I've been calling for the last eight minutes over and over and the phone is not ringing in the house, Amy says the staff member is currently talking on it now -- she can hear her."

Five minutes later:

"Doorbell just rang at the house, new staff got there and responded to Amy right away.  What was happening there that she was not able to be helped?"


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