Monday, January 7, 2013

Another thing.

Emailed [Community Living Coordinator]:
Amy just called me.  Today she rode in the van without her chair tied down and without her harness on.  This is extremely dangerous and should not happen again.  In the event of an accident, Amy would be severely injured, but so would others in the van when amy and/or chair was thrown at them.  
Does Amy wear a lapbelt when in the car?  Her wheelchair harness and seatbelt are not intended as auto belts, and would not contain her in the event of an accident.  Typically a tie down system includes a seatbelt. 
Also, this morning Amy did not get to brush her teeth.  She was told by [the current abusive staff member] that there was not enough time.  Please let staff know that lack of time is not a reason to skip providing basic care.   


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