Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First App Purchase!

So, I love my sister, and have taken on my mothers desperation to find something/anything/everything that works for Amy.  So, an iPad for Christmas for me and Amy to share.  The sharing helped legitimize the purchase and really, what I want the most if for the ipad to work for her.  It is in fact a present to me.  That I purchased for myself.  So what?

Hey, look, it's me in a tiny hat.  

The iPad setup begins.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I purchased Abilipad ($19.99) last night, a modifiable keyboard and notepad with voice recognition, voice-to-text, text-to voice.  It's really a beautiful app... that might now work for Amy.  I emailed the developer, an OT, and await response.  I really need to be able to:

  • Set one of my keyboards as the default keyboard
  • Set default font color and size for notepads
  • Increase size of buttons in the app, to make it easier for her to use the 'share' function
  • Increase the size of the words in word predict or change their font (I've increased the font size on the keyboard to the max). They are too small and too grey for her to see.
  • Make the keyboard BIGGER. I maxed out the font size, but I wish I could make the keys bigger yet.  I'd be happy to give up screen space for a bigger keyboard.

After I mentioned that we COULD watch t or a movie on it, Amy asked me about 40 times if we would.  I persuaded her to use our OTHER awesome shared Christmas present, the Roku (thanks, Annie!) and use the television.

The Roku is great.  Amy has a room at our house now, so instead of dicking around with unpleasant time in the suburbs, Amy comes down her to visit.  We don't have cable, which was a bummer for Amy who loves to watch tv together.  We bought a used TV from our friends, and with the Roku, now we can!  We took in a couple movies with the touch of a button.  Fabulous!


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